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Rincón Beach Resort

An Intimate Beachfront Escapade.

The Horned Dorset Primavera

The Epitome of Privacy,

Luxury & Service.

Caracol Ché Luxury Villa

​Private Tropical Estate

A Perfect Island Experience.

Rincón online Travel
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Tamboo Beside The Pointe

Oceanfront Rooms, Bar & Grill

Beachfront Panoramic Deck.

Casa Bianca

Beachside Apartments

Your Place For Fun In The Sun.

Amapola Ocean View Villa

4 Sunset Levels, 4 Bedrooms,

Sky Deck, Hot Tub & Pool.

Rincón online travel and vacation guide

Rincón is Puerto Rico's best beach town, where emerald hills overlook golden Caribbean beaches and crystal waters and the sun sets behind a mountain in the sea. Rincon offers the best beaches for your preferred activities, as well as the best vacation rentals, villas, hotels and restaurants, all in a seaside setting, with lots to see and do. Step out of your life and experience the Rincon lifestyle for days, weeks, months... or for the rest of  your life.

Rincon is a natural and authentic seaside paradise. Surrounded by water on three sides, Rincon was designed by nature to be a tropical playground in an ocean paradise. The warm days and cool nights in Rincon are filled with tropical sounds and music. The best part about Rincon is its people, who are warm, open, friendly and speak your language. In Rincon, a palpable positive energy perks you up and makes you want to swim, dive, fish, snorkel, surf, body-board, sail, hike, ride, eat, drink, party and find romance. Places to enjoy good times are not scarce. Beach bars with live bands are in abundance. If you're thirsty, a Rincon tropical drink is seconds away, if you're hungry, Rincon restaurants offer the best in Caribbean and gourmet cooking. When you finally get sleepy, Rincon has the best accommodations, with the best views in the entire Caribbean. Better yet, in Puerto Rico, USA, you don't need a U.S. Passport.
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The Surf Legends return to Rincón and celebrate their sport and life in general, with several awesome activities. more...

Rincón's Sister Lighthouse

We find a piece of Rincón-related history near a big cactus in an unlikely place. more...

  • Sail Away For A Day

A sailing trip on the Katarina in Rincón adds goodness and a new perspective to your life. 


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A world-class Luxury Condo Hotel community in Rincon, with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea. Surrounded by beautiful and uncrowded beaches, located on a breezy hillside with panoramic ocean views. more...